about1Being first a husband and a father, I share many of the same priorities as other parents; stable education, safe communities, and a prosperous economy in which I can provide for my family.

Having retired with the Oregon State Police after 29 years, I understand the importance of solid leadership, the ability to serve and helping people throughout the community.

My wife and I have been married for 45 years, we have three married daughters, and four grandchildren. Working in the legislature, I always consider how the decisions I make will impact the future of not only my children and grandchildren, but also your families and future generations. I want them to have the same opportunities this great country has provided me.

Throughout the length of my legislative career, I have been blessed to be elected into leadership positions by my colleagues. I have served as Co-Speaker Pro Tem, House Republican Leader, Deputy Leader, and Whip. I have worked hard to build relationships throughout the building, which has allowed me to move important legislation. I thoroughly enjoy working across the aisle and making common sense solutions which all parties can support.

Currently, I serve as Co-Chair on the Public Safety Task Force, the Criminal Justice Commission, the Governor’s Task Force on DUII, the Sexual Assault Evidence Kits Testing Task Force, the Administrative Hearings Oversight Committee and the Asset Forfeiture Oversight Council. I also serve as a member of the Joint Ways and Means Sub Committee on Human Services, the Joint Committee on Marijuana, the Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization and Vice-Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.